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warning: smart, Strong women ahead


If there's one theme that remains consistent through my stories, it's the presence of strong, stubborn, articulate women. I write the kind of story I want to read, about the kind of people I'd like to meet. That means a good dose of humor along with the usual ingredients, and a good population of smart women in the cast of characters.

Red Moon began as the site for a single fanfic novel based on Star Trek: Voyager. It now houses fiction ranging from short stories to epic novels, and from modern romance to science fiction. I invite you to explore the Red Moon universe, and hope you find many reasons to stay. But watch out for those women.



The long wait is nearly over. The Caphenon, the prequel to Without A Front, will be available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and a bunch of other outlets as of March 15. I created a whole new universe for Alsea in this story, so my playground is bigger, and I plan to have a lot of fun in it.

You can check out the book description and read a PDF preview of the first two chapters at Ylva Publishing.

The Caphenon book cover

(Click the image to see a larger version.)

With The Caphenon in the pipeline, I'm now working on Without A Front, restructuring and rewriting it to fit within the new universe. It will be divided into two volumes, with the first set for release in mid-October and the second coming out six weeks later, in early December.

In other news, I am establishing a new Chronicles of Alsea web site. It will include concept art, book covers, a map, caste descriptions and banners — and a new blog in which I can muse about the writing and publishing process, put up progress reports and excerpts, and generally be an artiste (as opposed to the more practical, geeky side I express in my Oregon Expat blog).

This web site will become static at that point. I will keep it up indefinitely as a holder for all of my Voyager fanfic, because those books were always meant to be freely available to anyone who wanted them. But it will not be updated. For new stuff, come over to the Chronicles of Alsea site (URL to be posted when the site is ready).

Stay tuned!