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warning: smart, Strong women ahead


If there's one theme that remains consistent through my stories, it's the presence of strong, stubborn, articulate women. I write the kind of story I want to read, about the kind of people I'd like to meet. That means a good dose of humor along with the usual ingredients, and a good population of smart women in the cast of characters.

Red Moon began as the site for a single fanfic novel based on Star Trek: Voyager. It now houses fiction ranging from short stories to epic novels, and from modern romance to science fiction. I invite you to explore the Red Moon universe, and hope you find many reasons to stay. But watch out for those women.


My novella Mac vs. PC has been published by Ylva Publishing, and is currently available on Amazon and Smashwords in e-book form. (Amazon sells the Kindle format; Smashwords sells it in epub and pdf as well as mobi.) The paperback version will be available in early May.

This edition is about 4,000 words and two chapters longer than my original online version. It has been rewritten and edited, and is a whole new book in every way.

Mac vs PC book cover
My short story "Learning to Ride" was featured in the Ylva anthology Spread the Love, also available on Amazon and Smashwords. Lots of other good authors are in here, too, so check it out! Spread the Love cover

I have finally connected my blog, Oregon Expat, to the website. It's up there in the link bar. Oregon Expat is a blog for my nerdy, science-and-tech-loving side, and also includes regular posts about daily life in Portugal.

The long-awaited prequel to Without A Front has now caught fire and is up to 73,000 words. Which is to say, it's already as long as many novels and is only going to keep growing. It will end up on the "epic" side of the scale, and I hope to finish it in another two months. For more details and other news (including a gorgeous new fanart wallpaper!), please see What's New.