Alsea Rising is out and #1!

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Updated to add correct Amazon link (dangit).


Alsea Rising: Gathering Storm hit the virtual publishing shelves at #1 in the Amazon category of LGBT Science Fiction, which made me a very happy camper — but I’d like to point out that it’s not only a lesbian book and it’s not just science fiction.

This is a book that is as much about romance and deep love as it is about military strategizing and an impending space battle. I can’t get specific without spoilers, but there is a significant plot arc that will greatly appeal to straight readers looking for a little romance. And for those who have loved the family scenes of prior novels, you’ll find them here as well.

This book pulls together threads from the previous books of the series, alllll the way back to the very first one, and ties them up in a big bow (with fancy knots!) — while sucking you into several new plot arcs that will keep you guessing.

One reader said, “While I am only halfway in, Gathering Storm is already my favorite Chronicles of Alsea book. The book hangover is going to be a doozy.”

Another wrote that she “laughed and cried all the way through it. I’m speechless. I’ll have to reread it 12 times before I’m capable of constructive discussion.”

The good news is, Alsea Rising: Gathering Storm will stand up to 12 rereads. It has layers upon layers, multicolored threads all being woven together, and details that take on much greater significance once you know what happens. So, you know, my usual.

Epub readers can go here to find portals to all of the online shops (including Angus & Robertson for Australian readers!). Paperbacks are available from Amazon US now, and will be in the other Amazon stores in another couple of days. Any way you want it, you can get it — but you’d better strap in.

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  • I buy the Alsea books in PAPERBACK form because I want to be sure they’re around for a loooong time. If I had waited a few days to order #9, could I have found the paperback somewhere besides Amazon? I’d love to have taken my business to an alternative seller. Many thanks!

    • Short answer: it would take longer than a few days…

      Longer answer: putting my books out for wide sale in bookstores is something I plan to start working on in September, when the flurry of getting two books out (and updating a third) is over. It’s a pretty big project, involving redoing covers to match Ingram Spark size standards and setting up new accounts, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. With a complete series behind me, it will definitely be time.

  • I’ve just posted my 5 star Amazon review… it’s a tour de force. Multiple dancing story arcs and a gathering foreboding. Hints at Tal’s battle strategy… I’m just about to start on my 3rd read through.
    I’m waiting for part 2 with huge impatience.
    Congratulations Fletcher. Thank you for another wonderful book.

      • Yes. But I had the perfect excuse I spent Friday on a regular hospital appointment (1st read) Saturday recovering from hospital (2nd read). So 3rd time around I’m double checking all the hints and nuances. Slowly. 🥰

  • You’re making it very difficult for me to keep from reading this for at least a week. I don’t think I can deal with a “cliffhanger hangovers”. 🙂 I know the wait will be worth it.

  • from Annie-kindlefan on 01 August 2020
    A tour de force … Alsea preps for War
    There really is a sense of gathering storm in part 1 of Alsea Rising … once again there is the usual deft characterisation, hints of Lancer Tal’s divine Tyree battle plans and a building tension. Ekatya is in daily tense head to heads with a sadistic Admiral…

      • You’re very welcome.
        PS I was looking for the new Vellmar the Blade but it does not seem to be up on Amazon UK or US yet?

        • I couldn’t upload the files until Ylva had unpublished (otherwise there’s a legal risk), and it takes at least 24 hours for Amazon to put up a new product page. I’m hoping it will appear tonight.

          • I see… Not that I’m impatient of course!
            Then that just leaves Catalyst and all of Alsea will be in your new house style. Sorry another question: the photo accompanying this post seems to show a hard binding; or at least a different binding to the paperbacks previously up on the UK Amazon site. When you have a moment could you explain what’s going on with the non-kindle versions?
            Thank you!

            • That’s a standard “marketing” image my artist offers with the final version of the cover art. Currently, the books are only available in ebook or paperback. I do fantasize about hardbacks, though…

          • Thank you!
            New Vellmar the Blade is up and I do like the new artwork. Looking forward to hunting out the new text…

  • Congratulations on Alsea Rising. Great book. I’m now anxiously awaiting the release of part 2. I’m so glad that there’s not a long wait for the conclusion. 😁
    I have a question about the updates that you refer to on previously released books. Do you push the updates out so that past purchasers get them? I went to the compilation of all my books on my Kindle and I noticed that for some authors there’s a note which says it’s been updated with corrections, etc. I don’t see a note for your books. Is it an automated process? Is there something that I need to do on my end?
    Thanks again!

  • Hi Fletcher, I thought I had posted here last night but it was late when I finished Alcea Rising: Gathering Storm so I may not have finished the post. I loved the book! I’m so glad that you will be releasing the next book 9 days from now! My wife has now finished book 1 after I told her that she really needs to read the series. She’s into book 2 now. At the rate she reads she’ll be ready for book 10 when it comes out…. but she has to let me read it first! 😁

    Quick question: I see that you have been updating your earlier books in the series. Do those edits get electronically pushed to owners of the series? I have a lot of books listed in my Kindle that show that they’ve been edited since I purchased them but I don’t know the process for your books. I’m getting ready to re-read the series (for the 3rd time) and wanted to make sure that I have updated books.

    • I’m glad you loved the book! And even better, you’ve pulled your wife in. Fabulous. 😊 Regarding the updates to my books, those are occurring as the editions published by Ylva come to the end of their contracts and revert to me. I’ve commissioned gorgeous new art for the covers and re-edited all of them before reissuing them with a new publisher. Given the cost of high-quality cover art and the labor of full re-edits, I can’t give them away for free, even to readers who had purchased earlier editions. And even if I wanted to, it’s impossible to “push” updates to Kindle files when the files themselves aren’t the same product — these are different books with a different publisher and different ISBN numbers.

      I of course hope that you’d want the beautiful covers and smoothed-out text (and, in the case of The Caphenon, quite a lot of new text), but it’s not something you must do to have the stories. You’ve already got those, just earlier versions of them.

      Enjoy the read!

    • Hello there Kelly
      The one I would thoroughly recommend you buy the new edition of is The Caphenon… there are a couple of whole new chapters and the many little sci-fi details that add to realism are really now at a higher level. The one that really struck me for instance is non compatible inter-species medical treatments (!) In my view the original Caphenon was 5stars. The revised edition is definitely 6 and possibly even the 7th star

      • Thank you Fletcher and Annie!
        Fletcher, that makes sense and I can certainly understand. Even if you COULD push the updates I wouldn’t want you to given that you’ve incurred additional costs. I always want to support authors! It’s in all of our interests to make things easier, not harder, to write. I just wasn’t sure what the details/processes were. BTW – did you know that if a person searches on your name in Amazon that it lists some Ylva books as having been written the 1648 ( The Producer’s Challenge- and you can get it starting at $998) and 3 other books as having been released in the 1800’s? I had no idea you had been writing so long! 😉
        Annie – thanks for your feedback on The Caphenon. Sounds like I should definitely buy the updated version. I appreciate that input!

        • Definitely! And you even get to see the famous “Serrado Spin” in action as Ekatya goes in for the kill on the Voloth destroyers for the first time. 😎

  • Just pre ordered The Seventh Star. Have to admit to some trepidation after reading the synopsis! I think I might be on about the 15th read of Alsea Rising and it seems to get better with each read, how is that possible?!

    • Me too! Or at least kn the 10th re-read.
      It does get better each time.
      I’m off to pre-order 7th Star…🌟

    • You’re not! I’m liking the way Tal kicks him into touch too!
      Re: 7th Star… it’s never going to be enough for revenge for Voloth to destroy the space elevator… the Voloth will want to inflict personal vengeance on Tal AND Ekatya. I’m preparing for a rocky reading ride 😱

      • I would love Tal and Sholokhov to meet. I suspect that Tal, being a pragmatist, would have some sympathy for the man trying to keep the Protectorate secure, while at the same time want to drop kick him ( to keep the rugby analogy going🙂) into next week for messing with Ekatya and Rahel . He at least recognises Ekatya and Lhyn’s bond.

        • Yes, I like the thought of a Tal and Sholokhov meet…only 9 hours to go till 00:01am and Seventh Star delivery!

  • 4am before I forced myself to put the light out and try and get some sleep 💤 wow is all I can come up with at the moment!

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