Far Enough

Ready for an early holiday gift? Quite a few readers (and some reviewers) have said that the one thing they really missed in Alsea Rising was a proper exploration of how Salomen and Lhyn arrived at their deeper understanding. It’s a valid critique: while we 

Celebrating the return of rights!

It has been three years since I signed away the rights to the two Without A Front books — The Producer’s Challenge and its conclusion, The Warrior’s Challenge — and those rights have now returned to me. It’s a good, good feeling to have full 

“Lawnmower of the prairie”

Which eats more forage on the North American prairie, cattle or sheep? Neither, according to entomologist Helmuth Rogg: The grasshopper plague probably will hit its stride in August as summertime heat parches Western croplands and open ranges. Grasshoppers often consume their own weight in forage 

Good news update: Baltic

Remember Baltic, the dog who floated some 75 miles on ice floes and was finally rescued at the last minute by the crew of a Polish research boat? Well, it turns out that he didn’t accept any of the people claiming him, so his new 

Polish crew rescue dog from ice floe

Here’s a feel-good story to send you off into the weekend: the Polish crew of the Baltica, a ship doing oceanic research in the Baltic Sea, found and rescued a dog that had drifted out to sea on an ice floe. The dog had been 

Doomsday Clock moved one minute back

In 1947, worried about the state of a planet that had recently seen the invention and use of atomic bombs, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists came out with the now-famous Doomsday Clock. With midnight representing the moment of complete annihilation of the human race, 

Junior lifesavers

Here’s a feel-good headline for the day: Nippers hailed for daring surf rescue Why daring? Because “nipper” is a slang English (or in this case, Australian) term for a small boy. The two rescuers, who saved an adult man from drowning by hauling him up