The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Finally watched The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly for the very first time, after my son requested it. Good god, that movie takes forever! For those of you who don’t want to lose three hours of your lives for a film that could have 

The chicken church

This image came across my Facebook feed today and made me laugh: …and then I saw this comment: This is The Church By The Sea in Madeira Beach FL. The owl/chicken/bird…whatever you see was intentional. It was a fishing town and there was a tale 


All the DIY-ers out there will undoubtedly recognize aspects, if not all, of this story. It is the true-life account of our little chore last night: replacing a bare light bulb in the bathroom ceiling (made of plaster, brick, and cement) with a real light 

We wants it!

Speaking as an observer of Brexit (from a healthy distance), I can only say in response to today’s news: what the hell? It’s anybody’s guess as to what Theresa May thinks she can accomplish by putting off a Commons vote she knew she would lose. 

If the penis were a muscle

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal has nailed the male psychology: Click the image to see what happens in the rest of the comic. Hint: it doesn’t look good for the human species.

BP = black humor

BP must be seriously annoyed with the folks behind the “BP Public Relations” Twitter feed. By carefully staying just behind the parody line and never venturing into actual imitation, the organizers give Twitter no reason to take the feed down. So BP can only fume 

Creative birth announcement

This is the first time I’ve ever laughed at a birth announcement…and for the record, I think “kick-ass sperm” is an excellent description of Han Solo. =] From the Daily Dish.

There is such a thing as too pure a mind

This is a religious icon. I kid you not. It’s produced by Atlantis, a Portuguese factory that makes crystal figurines. This one, which is 24 centimeters high (9.5 inches), is called “Nossa Senhora,” or Our Lady. Clearly, not a single person working in this factory 

Geek humor

Geeks have fantasy lives, too…they just have more interesting locations for them. Somewhere in this novel there must be the sentence, “You’re beautiful when you take off your safety goggles.” Via Outside the Interzone.

“An attractive witness described the event in breathless terms.”

As usual, the Onion does a better job of bringing us reality than any actual news show on the US airwaves. In this Breaking News clip, we learn about “some bullshit that happened somewhere today,” as the Onion demonstrates precisely how news stories are created.