Hope, an unfamiliar emotion

All right, I’m going to say this out loud. I didn’t want to vote for Joe Biden. I was angry and disillusioned when the most diverse collection of presidential candidates in US history dwindled down to…an old White man. After watching sexism and outright misogyny 

We wants it!

Speaking as an observer of Brexit (from a healthy distance), I can only say in response to today’s news: what the hell? It’s anybody’s guess as to what Theresa May thinks she can accomplish by putting off a Commons vote she knew she would lose. 

Brexit view from the continent

Yesterday, the papers were full of news of Teresa May’s fruitless attempt to break the negotiating stance of the EU regarding Brexit. Or at least, the UK papers were full of that news. Continental papers, not so much. It was a fascinating real-time example of 

They’re not listening to you

From the New York Times: Mr. Obama announced on May 14 a moratorium on drilling new wells and the granting of environmental waivers. “It seems as if permits were too often issued based on little more than assurances of safety from the oil companies,” Mr. 

Same rationale, different decision

image by *kilroyart Dennise Casey, spokesperson for Vermont Governor Jim Douglas, speaking on why the governor planned to veto the equal marriage bill passed by the Vermont Legislature in 2009: “[The governor] believes this bill is a distraction from the important work the legislature needs 

Eight broken promises

Michael Milken’s opening presentation at a conference on “America’s Energy Future” included a damning series of slides quoting eight broken promises from American presidents regarding foreign oil dependence. The Christian Science Monitor collected the quotes into one column to make the hypocrisy (or utter ineffectiveness) 

Why I love trains

After the plot to detonate a car bomb in Times Square fizzled out due to incompetence, the Atlantic’s James Fallows had a pithy observation in an article titled “If the TSA [Transportation Security Administration] were running New York”: – All vans or SUVs headed into 

If political blogs covered sports

Conor Friedersdorf has a low opinion of the political blogosphere’s short-term outlook on long-term stories like the US health care fight: If the political blogosphere covered basketball games, we’d not only be told about shots, makes, and misses, but every rotation of the ball on 

Headline of the day

While perusing the headlines in my Wired.com newsfeed, I came across this one: Low Tolerance for Palin May Be Genetic I did a double-take and read the headline again. This time it read: Low Tolerance for Pain May Be Genetic Actually I preferred my first 

The Arctic war

What do Russia, Canada, Norway, Denmark and the US have in common? They are all Arctic nations, sharing borders with the frozen landscape of the north. They are all witness to the ongoing loss of the polar ice cap, and they all stand to gain