Celebrating the return of rights!

It has been three years since I signed away the rights to the two Without A Front books — The Producer’s Challenge and its conclusion, The Warrior’s Challenge — and those rights have now returned to me. It’s a good, good feeling to have full control over my work again.

To celebrate, I’m offering both books in ebook format for just $2.99 each, a sale I’m only advertising to my blog readers and the book club that I hang out with on Facebook.

Why buy them again if you already have them? I can think of three reasons:

1) The gorgeous new covers. I collaborated with the same artist who created the fabulous phoenix cover for Outcaste, and the results have been glorious.

2) The Warrior’s Challenge has been re-edited, tightened, smoothed out, and had some new dialogue added. It’s a faster, better read.

3) At this price, each book costs less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

And did I mention the covers? I’m getting them printed out in poster size so I can frame them. The Warrior’s Challenge in particular knocked my socks off, with its purples and blues, the river reflecting moonlight and trees, the formal garden visible through the title, the classic beauty of the State House, and…that sword.

book cover of Without A Front: The Warrior's Challenge

You can find both books at Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble — all the usual places. Head over to Without A Front: The Producer’s Challenge and click the “Get it Now” button, which will whisk you to whichever store you prefer.

The gateway to Without A Front: The Warrior’s Challenge is here.

This sale will last until Friday, as a thank you to the folks who have been with me the longest. You’re the best!

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